Den of Judgment From Ideon cave, you are relatively close to some significant Minoan sites. Ability enhancement: Ares's Last Breath (Second Wind). 2 x Loot TreasureRelated quests: The Snake Sheds His Skin. Psiloritis, a protected area that belongs to both the listed UNESCO geoparks and the Natura 2000 network. 5 x Loot Treasure, Tartaros 1 x Kill Captain King Agamemnon of Mycenae Many ancient myths are associated with Crete. If you plan on arriving by ferry, a car can be brought to meet you at the port. Wineries offer another pleasant and interesting activity- in the region of Heraklion, there are several, including Alexaki, Boutari, and Michalakis Estate, all one and a half to two hours away. Related quests: The Next Lesson. Uranus (the sky) fathered several children, among them the seven Titans. 2 x Seal Tartaros Rift To begin Arms of Atonement you must first complete A New Lease on Death. A couple of the narrow platforms also have snakes on them, so be careful. Destroy the clay jars and move the shelf to reunite with Elpenor. Brasidas / Eternal Battlefield The Ideon Cave – close to both the Geographical center of the island as well as its mythological heart, is a wonderful base from which to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Crete. From here, many places on the island are within an easy distance. Hall of Maniai You can also kill him if you start swinging your weapon near the man. The Fallen Guardian. 2 x Loot TreasureRelated quests: Fallen from Grace. 2 x Seal Tartaros Rift Fossilized corals and sea creatures can be found in the Fodele outcropping, and ophiolites – oceanic plates – remain from the Tethys ocean of the Mesozoic era (250 – 65 million years ago). Ideon cave is 20 kilometers from the village of Anogia, slightly higher than the Nida plateau. Perseus the Gorgon Slayer Pit of Deprivation +(2/4/6/8/10) Adrenaline Drain Resistance, Boulder to Fall (Solution) Kronos's Treasury 3 x Loot TreasureRelated quests: Lost, but Not Forgotten. A guide brings you on a path of 270 meters through fantastical landscape of stalactites, stalagmites, and sparkling crystals. - Introduce Yourselves Eagle Bearers. This is a truly spectacular site, excavated and in part enthusiastically restored by Sir Arthus Evans in the early 20th century. It has now been restored. 3 x Kill Captain Two can be spotted upon entry, a third is near the treasure chest on the right side of the room. According to one, Gaia (Mother Earth)emerged from Chaos and bore Uranus as she slept. The village nearest Ideon cave – Anogia – is one of the most famous of Crete, both for its role in the Cretan resistance as well as for its excellent music- this is the home of legendary lyra players. Entrails of Gaia The palace of Phaistos – the second largest Minoan palace of Crete, is less than two hours’ drive, towards the south coast. Psiloritis, also called Mt. Eliminate them before continuing. Cave of Despair This is SPARTAAAA! A unique geological setting unites a variety of rock formations – cross sections reveal strata of rock types and a visual chart of the formation of the mountains. She drops Boots of the Fallen (Legendary Legs), and Astra's letter to Deianeira (Quest Item).Related quests: Beyond the Veil. This magma room has three Eyes of Hades here, so use your bow to pick them off from a distance. Once you have crossed the magma room, you’ll see the vault straight ahead. 1 x Find Ainigmata Ostraka 2 x Loot TreasureRelated quests: I Don't Belong Here, Kill Me Once, Shame on You. Each Keeper's Insight unlocks special Ability Enhancements, which are powerful new versions of existing abilities. Description: The goal is to reach the cave and find the woman's husband. Find the gauntlets of the Fallen. He drops Cursed Mace of Herakles (Legendary Heavy Blunt).Related quests: The Underworld's Fallen Guardians. Keeper’s Insight: Before entering Kronos’s Treasury, dive down the hole in the floor just in front of it to reach the Birth Cave of Kronos.