You can find out more about its cultural diversity during your stay. Some include full kitchens and outdoor showers. You can walk around with your kids anytime in the night or the day. Planning on visiting Singapore? Finland’s education system has also made impressive strides in the last 40 years, turning out well-educated and happy children. Planning on visiting Malaysia? You will also find many schools and restaurants everywhere. Pricing for Auberge du Vieux-Port. For starters, your child will likely develop leadership qualities while adapting to a new culture. If you wish to know more, please consult our Cookie Policy. Oh, and for kids who love Lego, Denmark is the motherland — it is where the block toy was invented. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. While expecting mums in Sweden are entitled to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, dads are eligible for a maximum of 90 days of paternity leave. However, it's becoming so overcrowded and smoggy that Thailand is considering moving its capital elsewhere. Penang has a handful of international schools, including one with a nursery. Insider contributing writer Marilyn La Jeunesse highlighted 15 things everyone should experience while in the city, from Baroque-style buildings to cafes and cocktail bars. Surrounded by valleys and hills, Stuttgart is a green city where you will feel like escaping the urban turmoil of major European cities. No need to worry about a four- or five-five figure hospital bill after giving birth, either. Enter the e-mail address you registered with, Expats and their end of year plans amidst the crisis. One of the world's most attractive expat destinations, especially for foreign professionals and investors, the ... Expats tell us how they feel about the second lockdown. Plus, the healthcare is one of the best in world. As a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, Toronto offers a healthy environment and attractive salaries in spite of long working schedules and only two weeks of annual paid leave. InterNations, a massive expat network that publishes annual rankings on the world's best and worst countries, asked 20,000 expats to rank the best … ... a would-be expat retiree has to complete a ton of paperwork and show steady retirement income (of varying amounts) from sources such as … Qatar is one of the world's famous oil-rich countries, with much of its economy emanating from oil and gas exports. The schools have one standardized test (at the end of senior year) and no rankings or competition for funding. I think no city in Germany is really an aim for an expat who will live an european life stile in freedom and without state limitations. For parents — particularly of young children — who think the joy of living next to serene nature is important, Roatan can be a great option. Copenhagen scores high marks for its forward-thinking design and eco-friendly buildings. However, more than three in ten respondents said they struggle to feel settled in the city, and that people in Zug are unfriendly toward foreign residents. The emotional impact of copious amounts of maple syrup, Canadian bacon, and poutine should not be underestimated. Almost all expats interviewed by InterNations say they are happy with their personal safety, local transportation, and environment in this city. And get off to a great start in your new country. Living standards in Zurich are also quite high. Family life is great in Oslo thanks to its excellent work-life balance. This Asian city-nation is well known for its food and drink — it's home to the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant and one of the world's best bars — and has a booming economy. In addition, a recent Expat Explorer report states that the majority of expatriates living in Malaysia experience a better work-life balance. InterNations has also ranked Czechia the best country for women to work.