They live around my house and they can get into everything, Racoons are very smart they even use sticks and twigs as tools, Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season", Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. There are many "dumb" humans, and many animals who are genius for their species. The dumbest dog is smarter than the smartest cat. Yes. Yes, they're intelligent. They can understand numerical systems, have better short term memory than humans, and can even be taught to use a computer. They should definitely be higher! The extent of our power to modify the world around us shows how comparatively more meticulous and knowledgeable we are. I have no idea why I didn't teach him anything else. They can mourn their dead, understand human voices, pass knowledge from generation to generation, understand sounds, have empathy, care about each other, can use tools (which we thought only monkeys and humans could do for the longest time,) and more I'm probably not thinking of, what can't they do! They have been know to open locks, understand numbers, have better short term memory than humans, use tools, and have the IQ of a 3 year old human child. Also, a dog’s estimated average IQ is about 25. But we are smart. I thank that horses are the best animal in the world and are very very intelligent. also, this is a weird thought that I had: what if humans really arnt the smartest animals on Earth and we're not smart enough to figure it out? In truth, however, humans do appear to be the planet’s smartest animals. One of my cats watch us and jump up into the air and bring his paws down on the door and opens it! We will consider many factors like IQ, memory & social behavior. Monkeys are very smart climbing trees. Guys, you do realise that some people might be checking this website for actual data, right? We play with things that geniuses invent for us (guns, cars, etc.) I respect yours too. Yes you adorable wittle doggos. Thankfully, there were, and still are some great humans in history that pushed purpose and virtue, but just as much that pushed the opposite. Parrots can just repeat things. Crows are considered to be the smartest but irritating birds of all. They recognize and remember faces, use cars to crack open nuts, and use tools to solve puzzles! Oh yeah, ITS NOT. I would go even farther to say more importantly, that no other animal has created systems of morality and ethics, developing philosophies based around our advanced enlightened perceptions possessed by no other. We create innovations every day that further improve their race. Gorrillas have more neurons and mostly central cerebral cortex neurons than chimps or any other animal other than elephants overall, elephants have more neurons in general, but apes and humans have a higher cerebral cortex count. The reason why we are doing so many things wrong isn't because we aren't smart, rather we aren't using our intelligence in the right way. The way they figure out climbing trees is amzing. All of you who say cats are smarter apparently haven't done your research, I have and I'm only 10! They are the smartest creauture and are proven to be smarter than humans they so should be first. Widely used in research, the lab rat has been known to find shortcuts, loopholes and escape routes in the laboratory experiments designed by the top scientific minds of our time. Today, we have around 200 species of owls that live in different kind of terrestrial habitats that includes deserts, mountain areas, open grasslands and forests, however, they … Estimated Average IQ: 82Koko is an extremely smart gorilla. They are way more more intelligent than Dolphins, Chimpanzees, monkeys and dogs can ever be. Pigs are actually smarter than dogs you can just look at the top 10 smartest animals there you go. They have languages, mannerisms, rules, and goals for survival. Finally, a list where they're placed well! A lady taught them sign language, so you couldl communicate with them. Ok, cats are idiots. Elephants strike the top spot in all intelligence: cunning, creativity, thinking, & emotion. Billions of new car companies would be around, and humans would have roommates who are not their species. If we weren't smart, we wouldn't be the dominant species on earth. I have pet pigs & they are so intelligent. Think again, buster. Yes I do love monkeys cuteness and all but to be logical I have seen numerous nature documentaries and dolphins are very smart if you have ever seen a dolphin show you can just look at all the tricks they do! I am with horses and ride them A LOT. Humans are smarter than orcas. Humans are the smartest creatures dude. I've seen a documentary where they say that cats are 10 times better in problemsolving that dogs. Raccoons piss me off because they're so smart. Rats are in almost every scientific top 10 about intelligence, so they are really among the most smart animals. Dolphin? But, as a majority, people are retarded. I saw trained dolphins at a reserve once, and an dolphin which was only a year old, and it was trained to do some pretty amazing things, including work with another dolphin to come under my feet and carry me across the pool they were in, try to find a one year old human that can do anything near that! They should be above dolphins because scientifically they can do mostly anything humans can do. these birds have been found sing tools to lure out food and solving puzzles that might involve their lives and these Birds have been found to be as smart as 7-Year old human children making them the smartest animals on earth so think about seeing the worlds smartest animal everyday and admire these beauties, the Crow. If they really wanted to hurt you they would do it, but they are smart enough to get in harmony with humans. There are many intelligent animals in a species, and many who are not. Even cats are way smarter than dogs, Dogs are smart, but chimps/orangutangs are probably smarter. Sure dogs are awesome but theirs one downfall about them. Dolphins should be third. Who knew that squirrels, octopi, and piglets were among the most intelligent animals on Earth? Fernando Trabanco Fotografía / Getty Images Really, a list of ten animals barely touches the surface of animal intelligence. They can TAP DANCE to lead other bees to flowers! Apes and monkeys should be first because humans aren't actually animals. Cats on the other hand are much more smart. Not true at all. People think they are so "clever" because they can learn tricks. Don't say - "Well, I can eat pigs because they're stupid". In my opinion, horses should be at the top of the list. The only reason why they would ever hurt someone or something on purpose is if they were bothering it. If we were so smart then why do we even have an issue with global warming? They way they move is just magnificent. People try to say that we have so many problems therefore we aren't's smart. Is this a joke, killer whales are by far the smartest creature in the sea, in my opinion. DOGS are smart and the reason they are higher than many animals and not closely related to the human like chimps is because they are easy to train. it's not 'because they are smart, it's 'because they are naive. Parrots know what wear'e saying we humans don't know parrot language. The only animal that can speak human. The smartest animals among the birds can be seen in all continent except Antarctica. Incredibly intelligent, just like dolphins, only with much more brain capacity. So these big boys are about as smart as dolphins! Octopus are the smartest sea creature and crow is the smartest land creature. Crows are genius. WHAT IF? Come on people, stop fooling yourself. Maybe one year they will be able to climb the Monkey Puzzle tree. We can make functioning societies with governments. The only reason why dogs are higher is because there are more dog lovers here, and they think that dogs are supersmart 'because they can do all those tricks for them. smarter than humans.Hehehehe! and we blindly trust our government just because we don't want to make our lives more harder. Dogs own. Unbelievable smart, in science the number five most intelligent animal after Chimps, Dolphins, Elephants and Orang Oetangs, humans not included. Animal populations are much smarter then many humans give them credit for. No, According to study Crows have been found to be as Clever as the Great Apes and in some cases even smarter! I am sure a smart parrot can learn a few languages, perhaps more than a human, but the smartest human learned 40. Did you know that some body taught a dolphin how to count and speak English (Not very well but still.)