However, the South Korean laws have been known to be somewhat bias towards locals. Which brings me to this, bring LOTS of money. Buying tickets to a game is inexpensive and even if you’re not a huge fan attending a live game can be an amazing experience you’ll never forget. When you run out, you can bring your empty bottle to any doctor and they will prescribe you something similar in Korean brand. Life here is fairly easy as long as you get what you need when you get here. Challenge yourself to master the alphabet on the plane to South Korea, it is possible to get the alphabet into your head within a day if you really apply yourself! Remember, Koreans have small feet, if your shoe size is above an American size 7, then you will start to find it hard to find shoes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you are traveling to South Korea and wondering if the country is safe, you will be pleased to know that South Korea is constantly voted as one of the safest countries in Asia. I co-own Round The World Magazine and I am a writer, working on my personal projects as well as the magazine. If you find yourself getting pushed around while roaming the streets, try your best not to be offended, it is not intended to offend and certainly not to cause harm. In some countries, shouting to restaurant staff would be considered the height of rudeness, and see your fellow diners shrink back into their chairs in embarrassment. As with China and Japan, the traditional culture of gift giving is still very relevant when traveling to South Korea. Despite the fact that most South Koreans take English classes while in school, very few are able to communicate well in the English language. Plus it overall will make your life easier if you are uncomfortable shopping out by yourself when you can’t speak the language. The equivalent of the Oyster card in London, the T-Money card can be topped up and used in multiple cities throughout your stay. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t worry about socks, Korea is sock heaven, there are millions of socks everywhere(which may sound odd but you will know what I mean when you get there), so don’t worry about packing lots of socks. , . Get every new post on this blog delivered to your Inbox. Before moving to Korea, she spent 4 years teaching in the United States. Bring your cell phone Many restaurants in Seoul and the bigger cities have buttons on the table that you can press to get their attention or call them to the table to clear plates, or order another beer. For starters, there is a whole new alphabet to learn but look past that and you will find the language quite agreeable for beginners. Make sure you figure out or ask for help figuring out your Korean Address for where you will be living in Korea. Here are some of the things I had to take care of, or needed to remember to do later, before moving to India almost six years ago. If you are a larger size, make sure to pack all the clothes you think you will need. A top tip if you are traveling to South Korea, make sure your feet stay in line with the beveled china edges of the squat to make sure you don’t get any unnecessary splashing! Also, have whatever certificates you need for your visa as well as your passport(obviously) and your contract for the school you will be working for. There are places you can get dye online such as on Global Gmarket, however, all the dyes are designed for Asian hair. Since you won’t know how long you will be in Korea for, signing a Korean contract for a phone is not a good idea. I love to meet new people and my dream is to open up a really good money-free hostel where people work for their stay! Read on to find out how easy the South Korean alphabet is, how to treat your waiter and whether or not to tip. Appa, 2 more weeks of living with the parents before we, Acids are amazing for exfoliating the skin for a s, This month has been chaotic. Although I "think, Only 2 more weeks till we have our own place again. Make sure you have your visa paperwork on hand when you are heading to the airport. Hey all! Of course, this will include things like camera, laptops and other entertainment or comfort things. if you have any extra room or available weight room in your suitcases, then feel free to pack anything else you want.