Mindful Gray is also a Sherwin Williams Gray that is often used color on Fixer Upper. The dilemma stemmed from the fact that Dorian Gray has an LRV 39 and Mindful Gray has an LRV of 48. 2015 Best Selling and Most Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors. POPULAR SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT COLORS . Mindful Gray is a popular greige shade by Sherwin Williams. While Anew Gray is a very warm greige, Mindful Gray leans slightly more towards a cool greige. Considering it for the grandchildren’s nursery, I believe its on the same strip as some of the colors in this article. Reply. Many windows with lots of light. Backsplash variated slate with glass tile accents. It has an LRV of 48, which means it is very similar in depth to Anew Gray (LRV 47). Save Mindful Gray to a board Share Mindful Gray Print Qr code Mindful Gray QR Code . Mindful Gray is another pretty warm gray from Sherwin Williams. expand/collapse. Our ceilings are “Ceiling White”. Accessible Beige won because it was the easiest to find a picture to show you, but I love Kilim Beige very much, too. R: 188 G: 183 B: 173 LRV: 48 . Skip to content. Mindful Gray is another very popular Sherwin Williams greige paint color. Also do you have experience yet with any of the 200 new colors available only in the Emerald paint? Kathy D says. Home About FAQ Reviews Help Home; About; FAQ; Reviews; Help; Submit. Wondering if you made your board and if so, what stain is that? Stunning! If you are looking for a super light gray color, check out Nebulous White! If Mindful Gray SW 7016 sounds intriguing and you want see what other colors and schemes could coordinate with it then check out the color schemes I believe will coordinate nicely with it.. Now that you have a basis for Mindful Gray, check out my Pinterest gallery for some inspiration.See below and let me know which one you like the most. Nebulus White. This next room had extreme northern light and a decent amount of it… We also used Repose Gray in this next room to complement the darker wood flooring. Benjamin Moore best sellers on link. What do you think of SW Lullaby? Sherwin williams amazing gray sw 7044. Mindful Gray | Top Sherwin Williams Paint Color. 2. Hardware has been changed out as well, giving it a whole new look and feel. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. E-Design and Online Paint Colour Consulting; Client Reviews; SHOP with KYLIE: E-Decor; The Best Paint Colours. I have already received so many compliments so thank you all for your help. Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (7016) Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015. Via roomsforrentblog. It is right below Repose Gray on the color strip, and so some would say that it is just a darker version of Repose Gray. Guest Room / Guest Bath – Sherwin Williams “Silver Strand”, egg shell sheen. Via Rugh Design. SW Mindful Gray is a shade darker than Repose Gray and a shade lighter than Dorian Gray. If you are confused between them get a sample of each worldly gray and agreeable gray. Now, this was a big decision on which color to feature because I have two colors I like to use in the beige family on the exterior. Previous slide. Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Cabinet. Other popular Sherwin Williams gray colors are Mindful Gray and Agreeable Gray. There are no strong undertones making it the perfect neutral. The following list contains the conversion results of color Sherwin-Williams 7016, Mindful Gray to RGB, hexadecimal, HSL, HSV, Lab and XYZ colorspaces: each format represents the same color. Just refinished kitchen cabinets to Mindful Grey with 14′ center island black. Sherwin williams worldly gray vs modern gray. Dec 1, 2017 - Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is one of the most versatile warm gray paint colors out there. Jul 1, 2020 - Mindful Gray is a light, airy, and warm beige-gray. Home; Hire Me; My Account; Cart; Checkout; Home; Hire Me. The mindful gray is a very true gray and makes the room feel warm without being an overbearing color ( since it is used in the majority of the main floor of a split). Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is slightly warm. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when I was asked to explain the difference between the two. Learn ALL about the paint colour Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray in this detailed paint colour review. Close search. Right off the bat, you can see that Repose Gray is a much lighter color. It is another great light color but a bit darker than Repose Gray. We’re building and used Silverpointe and Modern Gray both Sherwin Williams and light gray, we love them. In fact, Mindful Gray is the next shade down in the paint chip card on Sherwin Williams’ website. 3. With more gray than beige, Mindful Gray has green undertones, compared to Anew Gray’s purple undertones. This color shows up well against white trim and is a solid choice for interiors and exteriors. SHOP THIS ROOM. Mindful Gray and Dorian Gray – When you see these two colors next to each other on strip #244 in the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap fandeck, they look almost identical.. 0 items. When you really look closely though, its easy to see that this isn’t true. Stephanie says. November 18, 2019 at 8:20 pm. All of our walls are an eggshell sheen and the trim, doors, and cabinets are semi-gloss. This gray has a touch more red than green and blue, but is overall neutral.