Its remains are a reflection of its defensive past, its name holds the secret to the legend of a beautiful Moorish maiden. These are the quarters where parishioners seek guidance and counsel from curate Refugio Mercado, the man who keeps so much activity in seamless motion. Contact person: Ayuntamiento de Torrejoncillo. At the tail-end of the 20th century, this is a stern and surprisingly un-modern message. Items of note are the Baroque style altarpiece, a niche and some Juan Rivera frescos,  as well as a sculpted stone choir, which rises elegantly at the back of the church. The San Andres Apostol Parish Church (Tagalog: Simbahan ng Parokya ni San Andres Apostol; Spanish: Iglesia Parroquial de San Andrés Apóstol), popularly known as Masinloc Church, is an 18th-century Baroque church located at Brgy. Parish Contacts San José del Cabo 19911 Buenos Aires Sur Tijuana, B.C., 22207 Mexico. . Contact person: Ayuntamiento de Torrejoncillo ; Tel. “The Padre will receive you at 8 o’clock.”. 3.5K likes. Your email address will not be published. Sure enough, with his usual brevity the curate whizzed through the service. We had all of two hours to refresh our memories and cram on the commandments, the sacraments, the creed and other essentials of the faith. This Gothic and Renaissance style church stands in the municipality of Torrejoncillo. and then everything else.”. Copyright © 1996–2020 MexConnect & respective authors.    ¦   ISSN #1028-9089   ¦  , The lady is a tramp – an excerpt from the book: Agave Marias, Mexico attracts artists from all over the globe, Pangas and piña coladas: a laid-back lunch on Isla de Ixtapa, Guerrero, According to Soledad: memories of a Mexican childhood, An Evening in Nuevo Leon’s Amazing Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, Choice Cut Or Mystery Meat? All rights reserved. Alconétar bridge was one of the most important bridges in Spain in Roman times, because of its large size and strategic function. PARROQUIA FRANCISCANA SAN PEDRO APÓSTOL Y SANTUARIO VIRGEN DEL CARMEN DE HUANCABAMBA, PIURA. These are manageable tenets for anyone to live by, and very much in tune with what has been a way of life for generations of Axixiqueños. The magazine has a searchable and cross-indexed database of over 3,300 articles and 6,000 photographs, including 550 photo galleries. Required fields are marked *. Her panic-stricken face told us all she needed help. MexConnect is Mexico’s top English-language online magazine, providing quality information about Mexico and promoting Mexico to the world. The San Andres Church is a magnificent reminder of our rich history, its Spanish-era Baroque architecture still steadfast even after the passage of centuries. Subtly tilting his head in the direction of the church behind him, Padre Cuco provided the needed hint. They know that it won’t be long before they’ll be free to romp on the plaza, perhaps rewarded with an ice cream for their good behavior. Always generous with his time, he has proved immensely helpful, but he never fails to remind me that devotion is the common thread running through all these colorful celebrations. The simple but attractive exterior and the richness of the interior make this an obligatory visit. The graceful 18th century Parroquia de San Andrés, is not only Ajijic’s chief landmark, but also the hub around which village life revolves. Never wavering from rigid church doctrine, Padre Cuco’s wisdom, gentle demeanor, and uncomplicated approach to preaching the Catholic faith have earned him universal admiration and affection. I would not venture to guess Padre Cuco’s inner thoughts about having so many strangers in his midst. The padre deftly guides his flock through such unfamiliar and often rocky terrain, tapping on an innate understanding of human nature. As my family and I settled into a pew for 12 o’clock Mass a few Sundays back we were surprised to learn we would be witnessing a double wedding. In celebrating a festive December 12 Mass in honor of Mexico’s patroness, La Virgen de Guadalupe, he found an opportune moment to remind women to look towards the Savior’s mother as their role model. Far from subjecting us to harsh examination, the padre was posing themes that merited reflection. . Clueless as to what the test would entail, we beat a hasty retreat. Parroquia de San Andrés Apóstol Oficial. Our curate is not a man to preach fire and brimstone or scold parishioners for their failings and sins. Location and Contact: Torrejoncillo , Cáceres (Extremadura) Display nearby places. We were soon gathered around the padre’s desk, perched nervously on the edges of our chairs to face “the inquisition.” Directing his first question to our daughter Andrea, he asked, ” ¿Quién es tu patrón?“–Who is your patron (saint)? Coria Castle, declared a site of cultural interest, is located in the Cáceres city of the same name and you can make out part of the Alagón River plains from its high tower. The priest nodded, smiling serenely. “Don’t worry,” I whispered, “Padre Cuco is officiating.”. The Marmionda Castle is located in the province of Cáceres. Now and again I have observed him officiate at the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass for English-speakers. “¿San Andrés?” she answered uncertainly. As they file past the church’s old wooden doors, Padre Cuco is there to wish a “meri chreestmus” to one and all. The main façade is simple, the only ornament being the sculpture of Saint Andrew. Affectionately known to all as Padre Cuco, the stout and affable Señor Cura has managed to meet the daunting challenges of ministering to a rather unique community. “Always remember,” he said, “First God, then family, then work. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a15a23309eaa6577d607109ff89e9b9e");document.getElementById("d9b58defc5").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Diocese: Diocese of Mexico. In careful, measured speech he sounds out the rites in a tongue that is clearly unfamiliar. “Muy bien,” we replied, gulping. I have gone to Padre Cuco on occasion in researching some of the many local fiestas. It can be found in Masiloc, Zambales, the first town established by the Spanish in province in 1607. Copyright © 2014-2020 Dirección General de Turismo. This is not to say he doesn’t exhort worshippers to preserve traditional values. Your email address will not be published. The San Andres Apostol Parish Church, commonly referred to as Candaba Church, is a 17th-century, Baroque church located at Barangay Pescadores, Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines. It is clear, however, that he has made an effort to adapt to the needs of a multi-cultural community, effectively acting as a catalyst for integration as well. From Padre Cuco they heard only a warm, if succinct welcome to the Church and its sacraments. The congregation’s part of the bargain is to join in singing traditional Mexican hymns. It’s an extraordinary experience. As a result, growing numbers of gringo parishioners now turn up and act at ease when Mass is celebrated in Spanish. Ten minutes later he was ready to send us on our way. “I best not keep you.”, He ended with what we later gleaned to be the main purpose of the interview: a brief lesson on how to keep our priorities straight. Parish Church of San Andrés Apóstol; Gothic and Renaissance style temple. Email: Office: +52 664 137 9589. Poised in its multi-tiered campanario are the four bells that mark the pueblo’s daily rhythms, pealing in familiar language to call the faithful: las llamadas–three calls at 15 minutes intervals–before Mass; jubilant repicadas for special festivities; mournful clamores that spread the news when someone in the village dies. In the sun-dappled patio next to the church, a tiny tile-roofed house lies tucked behind a tidy flower bed. Church-going is never a tedious ordeal–even for young children. The parish church, dedicated to Saint Andrew the Apostle, is under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Fernando. Opposite it, an austere office with a single desk and a few mismatched chairs. “Oh yes, you’ve come to schedule the exam?” she inquired cheerfully. Ever so gently, Padre Cuco was shepherding us into the fold. , Mexico Founded 2018. Faith, love, acceptance, forgiveness are invariably the themes at the heart of his teachings. In addition, the two grooms, brothers it turned out, would be making their first communions. “Muy bien, hija.” We began to relax. The town of Coria in the province of Cáceres is still protected by a solid Roman wall which has kept it safe from all kinds of attacks for centuries. The beautiful hermitage of the Virgin of Argeme celebrating the patron saint of Coria is a Baroque style building which the visitor will find both unique and beautiful.