The ones that don't puff up can be used for the chaat recipes like sev puri, bhel puri, etc. Having been cooking for decades and with a professional background in cooking & baking, I help you to make your cooking journey easier with my tried and tested recipes showcased with step by step photos & plenty of tips & suggestions. But keep on checking the seasoning, as per your taste. I didn’t have club soda on hand so I made it with baking soda. Now, instead of adding any pani, add chaat masala to it and sprinkle sev. The puri has to be thin, Neither paper-thin nor thick. I also filtered the pani and used a tamarind chutney along with the filling too. It shouldn’t be too thick or thin. Thanks so much Thank you for visiting Urmi. He also noted that it was possibly originated from Raj-Kachori. The ones that don’t puff up can be used for the chaat recipes like sev puri, bhel puri, etc. According to this claim, Draupadi in the Mahabharat impressed her mother-in-law, Kunti, by being able to turn dough for just one puri and some potatoes into pani puri to feed her five husbands. Addition of black salt gives a really good taste and flavor. I used to have them often on the streets and it was something I have thoroughly enjoyed. In Haryana, it is known as paani patashi. With so many bursts of tastes and flavors in your mouth when you have pani puri, you just cannot have one . Chill, strain and serve with chopped boiled potatoes, boiled black channa or soaked salted boondi as fillers in the puris. Mix everything. Take some filling in a spoon and put it inside the puri through the hole. You can also add some boiled moong sprouts. Using a round cutter, cut out the circles. Due to certain reasons, content of this website are copy disabled. That's because I have added sweet chutney and it turned into brownish-green color. 10. Like our videos? My family loves stuffing with red chana and potatoes. Will try it…but can I pan fry the puris instead of deep frying? The dough should such that it should roll easily without any cracks. First take suji, all-purpose flour and maida in a big mixing bowl. The puris puffed up well but when Ifelt that they needed to be placed in the oven they were too try. Thanks Sonali S!!! Call me over for dinner when you make this, PLEASE! The puries should begin to float and puff immediately. Whether you are an adult or a child, you will never get tired of eating this. Panipuri consists of a round or ball-shaped, hollow Mix well and keep aside. Or else the puris become soggy. It is tangy rather than sweetish while the water is sour and spicy. At home we prefer moong sprouts or ragda. Keyword pani puri aloo masala. (Photo 17). 4. This pani or spiced water recipe is my mom’s recipe and to save time she would make the pani in such a way that it would have all the three major tastes – spicy, tangy and sweet. thanks sreelu for sharing this lovely review. The puries should begin to float and puff immediately. 3. Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. Transfer them on to a damp cloth and cover all the puries with another damp cloth. I am sure you will like it. Top its with chopped cilantro and set aside until its ready to use. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks so much for your exact amount of dough and cub soda measurement. Pani puri filling is ready. (Photo 28 to 36). Add the paste to 1½ lit. I really long to make perfect golguppa, Your email address will not be published. When warm, peel them and chop them in small cubes. (Photo 23). Bottom Part will take more to cook. The thickness of the puri - Roll the dough as evenly as possible. They can get soggy. It is a favorite chaat snack of almost everyone in India. or fry both side equally? You are right, in my old recipe, there was no wheat flour added. of water and Salt to taste. Before you begin: To prepare the 'Pani' for 100 puris, grind to paste, 2 cups of Mint Leaves, 8-10 Green Chillies, 1 Ginger and 1 Sour Lime. [7], Panipuri's name varies depending on the region. In the pics below, I have made sweet tamarind dates chutney, just to show the assembling. Welcome to CookingCarnival. Take the puri in your hand and poke a hole in it using your thumb or a spoon. 15. We’ll love your feedback, Please click on the stars in the recipe card below to rate and leave your feedback in the comment box below. If making kala chana stuffing, do this a day before: Wash the chana under running cold water till … Roughly chop the coriander leaves and mint leaves. Kneading the dough - Kneading the dough is the most important step. Peel the potatoes and mash them. Please do not copy. I am more into healthy cooking but love pani puri. Do not stack fried puri – Spread the puries on a tray. That’s because I have added sweet chutney and it turned into brownish-green color. I mean… does this even need an explanation? Add one puri to check the thickness and temperature of the puri. The pani puri is ready to serve. Stir the green pani first and then add it in the poori. Dip the stuffed puri in a bowl of pani or pour some pani inside it using a spoon or a ladle. Poke a hole in the put the chana and potato mixture in, dip in the water, top it with pani puri masala, and ENJOY!!!! In India, we used to get ready-made fresh puri from the market. Pani puri or golgappas is My most favorite chaat from childhood. Also making of pani puri differs from region to region. Can you please suggest good brand and which one are you using? If you are beginner, and not able to roll well, adding some baking soda helps in puffing the puries.