Sarah Palin approved a $1,200 energy rebate in addition to that year's PFD payout. Individuals who would like to provide public comment telephonically during the meeting should contact the Ketchikan city clerk’s office by phone at 228-5658 by 4 p.m. Thursday. now you will RECEIVE SMS ONLINE With Remember the goal… keep the curve flat, to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. Low 36F. He cited an AEA-funded project on Prince of Wales Island as an example of the benefits some of these entities provide Alaskans. Rodney Dial, Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor said in a prepared statement, "Throughout the pandemic the community has pulled together and we have done remarkably well protecting public health while minimizing the impacts to our economy and quality of life. And that was actually done with AHFC at one point. Phone number: Ketchikan, AK 99901 Email address Name and signature To say 2020 was difficult for Southeast Alaska’s commercial salmon fishermen appears to be an understatement, judging by the preliminary harvest and ex-vessel value data released earlier this week by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Well, if you sweep all these accounts, all these authorities, and all these corporations, they have a mission in which they're using that revenue for: to better Alaska. If someone in your household is sick with Covid-19, please take measures to keep that person isolated to their own room if possible, and to sanitize regularly. Box 7900 501 Dock Street Ketchikan, AK 99901 907-225-3157 Mon-Sat circulation: 5,200: Letters must be signed. In 2015, the University of Alaska Southeast closed its campus bookstore in Juneau to cut costs. Let's undo it.'". grants to SE organizations, LOCAL - Law enforcement officers searching for jail escapee, IFA reduces schedule, POW cities urge residents to stay at home. Alaska will not be seen …. messages arrive quickly and accurately. Susan Carney has served on the Alaska Supreme Court for just four years. All requests for purchasing a photograph will be emailed to the photographer. Myron said that UA has done that before. Saturday there were 12, Friday there were 11, Thursday there were 6, Wednesday 7 new positive cases were reported, 10 were reported on Tuesday, and 6 last Monday. … There’s never any excess. Photographers choosing to submit photographs for publication to SitNews are in doing so granting their permission for publication and for archiving. And, ... the corporation manages a bunch of federal programs, at its own cost, essentially — using corporate receipts to do that. Thayer said that subsidy, the Power Cost Equalization Program, saves Fairbanks residents alone between $30 and $40 million on energy costs annually. The change would take the secondary schools (Schoenbar, Revilla, Kayhi) to the 50% blended learning option. And you could imagine a scenario in which they have, like, $50 billion, and there's just no economic development projects that are worth their investments. And they said, 'Well, a lot of that we have because it's a backup in case some of these investments don't pan out, blah-de-blah,' but the discussion was basically, 'Does AIDEA have more cash than they need to make the ongoing investments than we've charged them to do, or are they just kind of sitting on cash because they don't have anything to invest in?' The response from the business community has been remarkable as many have taken extra precautions such as reducing capacity to less than 50%, and redoubling social distancing and sanitation procedures. Superintendent Lougee has scheduled an Emergency school board meeting last week in the Ketchikan High School i Library to obtain approval from the board for a change in the Smart Start level from low to medium, based on the change in the community’s risk level. That just refers to the rest of the state-affiliated corporations and entities that are too numerous to list individually, including the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, the Alaska Student Loan Corp., the Alaska Aerospace Corp., the Alaska Railroad and others. But if you're going to continue, then you have to put the students and the classes somewhere, so it would convert into a cost. “What I mean by ‘overcapitalized’ is that each of these organizations have real money on their balance sheets, but do not use this money for their missions,” Crawford wrote. Susan Carney has served on the Alaska Supreme Court for just four years. A steady rain this morning. "But a lot of the others, like the Alaska Aerospace Corp., they do have assets, but trying to sell the assets I think would be difficult — I'm not sure how much market there is for a launch site in Kodiak.". This is the year — if ever there was one — for lights. Ketchikan Daily News in Ketchikan, reviews by real people. Citizens are encouraged to conduct business over the phone or Internet. Ketchikan Daily News. Local Newspaper Obituaries. The Borough Transit Bus Program will be adjusted as follows during Level 3: North Tongass and South Tongass Volunteer Fire Departments: The City of Saxman facilities have implemented the following measures for Level 3: Current information on the response to COVID-19 in Ketchikan, including additional data regarding Ketchikan’s community risk, is provided at, Information on COVID-19 is available through the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) at Ketchikan likely won’t see big changes to local pandemic restrictions in the near future. Chance of rain 40%.. Showers early, then partly cloudy overnight. He added that the remaining money helps the authority generate revenue to fund future projects. For the most current information from the Ketchikan School District's Smart Start plan can be found at . Verification. Thayer echoed that sentiment in his conversation with the Daily News. Lew Williams, Jr., who became the paper's managing editor in 1966, was well known in Alaska as an opinion columnist. Net position refers to an organization’s total assets minus its total liabilities, over its entire history. Ketchikan Gateway County (907) 225-3157. "The governor proposed transferring money from them. ", Frank Seludo, City of Saxman Mayor released a prepared statement saying, "Our community has had many positive Covid-19 cases recently with four hospitalizations. Facebook, Visa ,Qiwi Wallet, Chatroulette , Easyusenet , Failure to stem the growth of cases at this point, could lead to greater restrictions on our businesses in the future…something we all want to avoid. "Please follow all safety and health guidelines, listen to our community leaders and continue working with the schools and district as we all work together in the best interest of our students and community.". COVID took a while to get here because of our geographic isolation, but its arrival was completely predictable. That’s despite a call from the governor on Thursday to “do everything possible” to reduce the spread of COVID-19 — namely, working from home and taking advantage of curbside service whenever feasible. So, that discussion could be had again, but that discussion did happen in the (fiscal year) 2020 budget process, because the governor did propose that.". Entity representatives also described what the consequences might be if the Legislature did implement the full extent of Crawford's proposal. Rain. PO Box 7900. COVID took a while to get here because of our geographic isolation, but its arrival was completely predictable. Sorry, no promotional deals were found matching that code. Strongly recommend masks and social distancing be enforced in communal settings and public locations with 5 or more people.