This is the ideal set to those that main interest is a nice look, & who is too looking to a desk which provides essential functions minus wasting place on unneeded bells & whistles. That is why we’re producing a work of art. Our Gear Advisers are available This desk has a nice cherry finish along with black outlines which provide a modern look. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. There is also usually a system for organizing cords in the back so you can find and rearrange anything you need with ease. Now, if all of this sounds like a piece of cake, then, by all means, go for it. The desk would be perfect to a college student crammed in a dorm room, or either everywhere where anyone is limited at space. This desk unit features a 47 inch by 25-inch main work surface. However, this route just isn’t feasible for most. On the plus side, you will save money going the DIY route. You simply adjust the computer stand lower for sitting or higher for standing. Next thing you need to consider is the size of the desk you need. Read Also: Top Headphones for Studio Recording this Year, Pros: + Amazing value for the product + Intuitive design + Versatile options. Pros: + Very compact + Good mobility + Adjustable height. This desk is extremely sturdy so that you can be sure that you will have this thing for years to come. Priced at about the middle of the road for a budget home studio desk, the Studio Trends 30 inch is a very compact desk designed primarily for those whose main concern is that of space. The surface area on this desk is big enough to hold any electronics you may need to place up top. Built with a central monitor shelf, and two enclosures on either side, you have enough space to hold all your equipment. You have purchased all of your equipment – the perfect studio chair, musical instruments, cables, monitors, keyboards, etc. However, there comes a time when we realize that all of this equipment needs to go somewhere, and indeed, we realize that the more organized our equipment is, the better and more organized our productions will be as well. For this desk not only has a compact size to ensure that it does not overcrowd the room, but it is also a corner desk which means you simply tuck away into the corner. Considering these factors when buying your desk can benefit your overall health in the long run. It is that easy. For this home, studio desk comes with two medium sized surface areas, and you have the option on how you would like to position them, giving you the flexibility to alter your set up based on your room size, your amount of equipment, or anything else. No matter your price range, we have given options to choose from. American Recorder Technologies (1) BK Media (2) H. Wilson (1) … This desk will be perfect for a college student crammed in a dorm room, or anywhere where one is limited on space. – so that you will be well situated to work on your music from the comfort of your own home.However, to your amazement you realize that one key element is missing: the desk. The Calico Designs Study Corner Desk is a compact set up designed with space management in mind. Basically, any flat surface can function as a studio desk, but musician-specific desks … But, you may also want to to invest in one of the best studio desks for home recording work. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. For, what good will all of the equipment be if you cannot organize it all in a functional manner? Why We Liked It - If you are looking to try out the new trendy standing desks, and you are also on a budget, this Pyle home studio setup will be perfect for you. Presently, if you’ve got a decent desk, you may use for your home recording studio. Basic Guide to Camera Lenses for Beginners. Now, this is indeed a possible option that you can consider when you are in need of a desk. In this regard, you are going to want to narrow down the purpose of the desk, so that you can, in turn, purchase the one suitable. In general, a safe play would be to buy a pre-made desk, but if you like home projects, then try your hand at building your own desk. For there are two large work surfaces on this desk and there are two setups one can choose here: one can either choose to have each of these surface stacked on top of one another, or one can choose to slide out one of the surfaces, thereby making this desk L-shaped. What’s often ignored by people they plan on showing at house is the home studio desk. Priced in the higher end series this Omnirax Presto home studio desk has an astonishing look, among deep brown wood, matched with a sturdy frame and basic-layout. However, if you are in a bigger room, or need to use more equipment at once, just simply slide out one of the surfaces, and presto: you now have a large L-desk at your disposal. a Card Payment, Manage For this Arch Tower achieves both a low sticker price and a good amount of storage. Considering these topics will help narrow down the best desk for recording, producing and mixing. Whether you’re recording on your own or looking at setting up a complete studio, there is a work station that will house everything you need. When stacked together, the result is a smaller sized desk, ideal for smaller workshops, or those times when you don’t need much space. This will provide the answer for those with more complicated set ups. Brands. As mentioned before, you have the option of a DIY desk or building your own desk. For there are no shelves or drawers on this desk, and the large L-shape provides much surface area for your equipment. State-of-the-art designer studio furniture for home and professional use. The Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk is a compact solution if you’re looking to a basic table with a contemporary appeal. Why We Liked It - With an intuitive design allowing for versatile options, The OneSpace is a very budget-friendly studio desk with much to offer. You might also want to keep your desk centered in your room to keep the acoustics even. Recording, producing and mixing will generally require much equipment, so a desk that has not only much surface area, but also many compartments and trays will most likely be a good fit here. Pros: + Option to sit or stand + Change back and forth quickly and easily + Instant set up. THE DESK YOU DESERVE. Studio Trends 30 inches Desk. Ultimate Support NUC-R04 Studio Desk - 4 space rack (works... American Recorder Technologies LED "ON AIR" Sign - Blue. Pros: + Contemporary cherry and black finish + Compact design + Tempered glass surface. A desk for home recording is often overlooked when setting up shop, it is often overshadowed by the other equipment you are purchasing for your set. Priced in the higher-end range this Omnirax Presto home studio desk has an amazing look, with deep brown wood, matched by a sturdy frame and basic layout. Or go with this Z-Line if you simply prefer the feel of glass on your main surface. They often have space for digital keyboards, CDs, computer towers, monitors, racks and more while resting on casters that make the entire unit easy to unplug and move across the room. You can sit right in front of these desks, plug in your guitar or keyboard and play away, having all of your gear surrounding you to record with. This is the ideal set for those whose main concern is a beautiful look, and who is also looking for a desk that provides basic functions without wasting space on unneeded bells and whistles. When you consider the versatility of options on the OneSpace 50 – in particular the option of setting up your desk in two very distinct ways – you will be amazed at the low sticker price of this desk. Why We Liked It - Those whose main priority is using a little space as possible should consider this compact, corner home studio desk by Calico Designs. Valued at about the middle of the road to a budget home studio desk, the Studio Trends thirty inch remains a very compact desk designed principally for those that main interest is that of space. The setup is also very simple and should take you no longer than 20 minutes to set up. This set also includes two pull out drawers – including one for your keyboard – as well as a lower shelf underneath the desk to house your computer tower. This is really the widest part of the desk, so this will be all the room you need to fit this thing in your office. Desks, Tables & Workstations (98 Items) Sort By. You might consider this Studio RTA home desk to be the best value that you can find on the higher end of the price spectrum. Would you prefer a corner desk? In our list we presented what we consider to be the best home studio desks – and we presented a selection from all of the budget price ranges. The manufacturer created it to remain among the best now for your home studio. Calico Designs 55123 Study Corner Desk, 8. For example, the top shelf is intended to hold multiple monitors, so you will not be limited to straining your screen space with merely one monitor. Finally, you should think about how much equipment you need to store.