Since my comments are being censored, it’s clear they’re being read by the person who runs this board, for whom I have one question: Does it ever occur to you that the reason the kiddies stop complaining after they’ve had a few doses of garlic tea squirted up their bum, might be because the experience is so bloody unpleasant that they’ll do anything to avoid a repeat performance? We have been able to avoid a lot of antibiotics, and OTC (Tylenol, Advil, Benedryl) by using this simple, organic herbal product. What probiotic blends do you use after enema? I also have a smaller enema bulb and the red rubber enema bag one in my home. My gut told me that whatever, she needed to poop TODAY! Especially garlic enemas for fevers in our home. I feel like you’re starting to wonder if I could be right… So, you insert a clove of garlic directly like a suppository. This is a recent find that works for the young adults and adults. Communication is critical here! "name": "Optimal Health Network", Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Stop a Fever (and more) with a Garlic Enema. Mandy love this blog. The thing is, this probably works: garlic does have super powers. The procedure described below is really a coffee implant rather than an enema, because it involves only two to three cups of water. As a child, I remember seeing the enema bags of my great grandparents. To test this idea, a patient was given a coffee enema while an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera on the end to view the intestine) monitored the entrance to the common bile duct. Do you continue to give garlic enemas as a home remedy Mandy? Although it might help in a case of sepsis. You’ll know your babies and be perfect! Many can learn so much from you. For your comfort, you can coat it with coconut oil, it facilitates access to the VIP club. Find different solutions. In my clinical work, most people benefit greatly from cleansing their colon at least one time per month. 4) The non-boil method. People amaze me and I’ll never understand the need to tear down another person. Besides taking care of kids and the house, doing lots of reading about natural healing, home remedies, herbs and more. But later on in life he will know the benefits of the enema! Or use the 4 oz syringe instead. It is always better and convenient to practice it on weekends. Rubdown Slap me. 735 ml is close to 8 oz. Ensuring only liquid will prevent air bubbles from entering -which creates even more discomfort. Organically grown coffee is best, though any coffee will do. Amazing!! Hope many moms read on here and give this remedy a try. Then I began to remember my training! Also recently did your garlic enema. Thank you, Karen. And me! That’s unfortunate, Vero. Troubled with constipation, You can use a garlic juice enema several times a week, and then a coffee retention enema once a week. One can start with less coffee or less water in these cases. There is an emergency procedure, which means that in the end the risks are close to zero. Place in a jar for storage in the refrigerator. "url": "" This will assist the garlic tea through the bowels by turning. But in the end, it’s a quite safe process. Hihihi.”. Learn how your comment data is processed. NOT because he wants to avoid future enemas given by the mom. Method 3. The mother should talk, as Mandy also tells, with the one who will get and getting the enema. Even a series of enemas would be good for him. Probiotic after is a great idea, we do this too. And later, if needed, a cool to body temp water enema. I am sure other moms read on here but don’t comment. She has one on Repopulate the Gut and one on Behavior. It doesn’t go into some adventures either. In the netherlands they are very reluctant with treatment for this. Eating sauerkraut, drinking kombucha, and I’ve linked several capsules. Thanks for her writing this wonderful book. That is the first time ever I have met someone who knows of this blog. For best results, a program of coffee enemas should be carried on for at least a month. When everyone is gone for the day there are no interruptions when I am preparing and giving the enema. Easy to administer a enema with it. This is more convenient for some people than the method above. Sue C., Thank you for the feedback. Heidi, the small light blue bulb syringe is from the hospital? If you have a toddler, simply tell them what you are doing as you do it. That is wonderful Debbie! That way the next day when giving the second enema I don’t have to make a new batch of the garlic tea. Natural Antipyretics. Hope Mr Frogwell is reading this. Place 2 to 3 cups of purified water and one-half to two tablespoons of coffee in a saucepan and bring to a boil (or use a coffee maker to percolate the coffee quickly). Vero, you must have a very smart toddler. How often to take an Enema? And should not be used to give an enema if you are using it for nasal clearing too. See if you can find a holistic doctor. Now it is best to lie on the left side. Long before today’s Tylenol, laxatives, and Fleet enemas — read about the dangers of giving a Fleet enema.