Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. I like that "hiding in a corner" thing which seems true to comrade cha deal.. Lady, your husband just had his chest torn open a few hours ago, but whatever. Sign In Sign Up. Even worse than clingy-second-lead-that-doesn't-know-when-to-give-up? He brushes past Soo-hyun’s attempts to pull him aside for a chat, praising her on a good job today instead. This series.. LOL! He's hurt, but doesn't show it. Although I felt that Hoon shouldn't go that hard on Soo hyun but I still feel that Jae hee and Hoon are ment to be. Time for a Stone Cities final review. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I'll just remark that it's entirely possible that the lake which figures in today's episode was filled at massive Prime Ministerial expense with water from the River Danube, which, as this drama has revealed, possesses miraculous healing powers. VIEWS. I want my job and to be responsible for my patients. But while Hoon stands his ground against the wife’s hysterical cries, it’s Seung-hee who gives in and wonders if they should momentarily wake the patient up. }); They both know that Hoon isn’t trying to cover up a surgical blunder, but Jae-joon remains infuriatingly frustrating. :(. To bring his love from. The first few times he spoke gently with respect, but the lady wasn't listening, so he had to break it down in a way she would understand. You're going to stress the shit out of her! What I can speak to for now is Soo-hyun’s feelings for Hoon, which took its own rollercoaster ride in this hour. He demands to know why she made such an incompetent decision. Jae-joon counters: “You’ll have to, or being eliminated as the prime minister’s surgical team won’t be the issue, but you’ll become a murderer.”. What is it exactly? Simply the most beautifully crafted phrase I've read in a long while. We know so little about her and I just cannot trust her. they're just juggling too many storylines atm......hoon's mom, an entire episode dedicated to soo hyun, jae joon's revenge, PM spy thriller, comrade cha..........and yet they keep resurrecting this dead horse 'medical competition' angle. =)))). Apologizing to the patient’s family is out of the question given the circumstances, and Jae-joon orders Hoon to wake the patient immediately and prove to the family that their loved one is fine. Seems like she is toying with hoon's emotions, Seunghee is not manipulative. Oh, please learn how to type more readable english. Cute. And Soo-hyun takes a long moment before giving into what Jae-joon calls “temporary curiosity,” and tells Chi-gyu to remain with Jae-joon’s team while she marches into Hoon’s surgery. esp hoon, he really let me down. I think everyone is allowing these ships to cloud their ability to see the complexity and humanity of these characters...acting as if Soo Hyun is some sort of villain just b/c you ship Jae Hee and Hoon. Arguing who is worse is a moot point; all of them would be fired within minutes at a real hospital. [8][9], 2016 soundtrack album by Michael Giacchino, "Hollywood Records to Release 'Doctor Strange' Soundtrack", "Michael Giacchino's End Credits Music from 'Doctor Strange' Released", "Things are about to get, well... really STRANGE. He perhaps had wanted to take SH for granted, but he fell in love with her instead. I would've love to agree at the last point of 2nd lead, but Soohyun is just bullshit now. 5m. If you wanted the HoonHyun relationship to be endgame, then the story should've been told differently. So who is she to interfere? I wish the writer would've just picked a damn couple to develop and just STUCK with it. But maybe they relived her. The Hoon/Jae-hee relationship is complicated enough as it is without someone else's tears and broken heart getting involved. After twenty hours of extremely unethical surgery contests, conspiracies, and love Doctor Stranger has come to an end. What the hell does the wife think she is? Lucky for Jae Hee, Hoon never thought she was dead and still looked for her. List of Songs Add Song. But anyway, the answer to the riddle of whether we saw that scene with Quack and Hoon concerning SY's kidney transplant that Quack flashes back to at the end of ep 15 is ... NOPE, we didn't SEE it, 'coz it ain't there. Jin se yeon's acting don't wanna say sucks, but it does :D it is the truth and i m not the only one talking, it is mentioned everywhere in blogs and articles . ", "Hey everyone - reading through everything, will answer as many questions as I can", "Why Doctor Strange shares its psychedelic DNA with Pink Floyd", Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange: Journey into the Mystic Arts, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. JAKARTA, Doctor Stranger drama Korea yang dibintangi oleh Lee Jong-suk, Jin Se-yeon, Park Hae-jin, dan Kang Sora. Should Soo Hyun move past Hoon? 신장 이식? There's only 5 episodes left and we're exactly where we started ... no idea what the heck is happening. Seriously? You’ve got families yelling at doctors, doctors yelling at other doctors, and even doctors yelling at patients. I half suspected Chairman Evil of allowing the wife of Hoon's patient in when he was being woken up in hopes that her emotional outburst when he came out of the coma would stress him so much he'd have a major cardiac episode right there and die. i am sooooooo dissapoint with hoon..poor soohyun.all he did wrong is falling for that jerk...and jae hee i hope in the end she betrayed hoon...serve him right...kang sora acting is praise worthy..she portrayed soohyun character so well i guess thats why viewers prefer her character compare to seung hee...n jae joon another unrequited love...that the curse of being 2nd lead i guess they cant never be loved by the one the love so much...need an example? It isn't his turn to try and kill Hoon today. 2년 전쯤에. (I mean the mother did say she saw Jae Hee dead...they won't throw that in for nothing. This has been itching me for awhile. Hoon is the guy that actually has performed the SAVER procedure and knows what a normal recovery time would be so why would she wake him up when he gave his direct orders basically to not even think to wake him up. FB.init({ she had much pain to protect her loves towards i saw in past episode,that her heart was a little bit broken /dissapointed on hoon when she saw Hoon and soohyun together.Her eyes tell the truth cause ithink he really wants to help and protect hoon sincerely.