Below are brief overviews and descriptions for the best summing mixers out there on the market. Before the advent of Avid’s Pro Tools and the mass adoption of mixer technology, many professional audio engineers used analog mixers… It provides different controls to change volume and different effects so you can set the overall balance between individual sounds. Best Analog Summing Mixers. Some people use analog summing to achieve warming up effect in digital mixes.Besides, there are numerous mixers on the market developed with this goal in mind. However, when you include an amplifier in your calculations, the unpowered mixer could be heavier. If you need assistance in making the right choice, or even in finding out if you really do need a summing mixer … An analog mixer does exactly that, and is considered the “go-to” mixer … Best of all, audio mixers can be changed on the go. Analog Mixers. Audio is considered an analog phenomenon and thus, it is possible to modify and affect it through extensive circuitry and wires. Analog Vs. Digital Live Sound Mixers. An audio mixer works by connecting all electrified instruments and microphones together. Look through the options offered in the list to determine the best analog summing mixer… You will find a number of different types of audio mixers … An analog mixer provides ease-of-use as soon as you understand the parameters of the machine. The result will often have more headroom, punch, and dimensionality — all the adjectives we’d use to describe the sound of a world-class console. Best of all, analog summing mixers … The sound is analogous (pun intended) to summing the tracks on an analog console. Most people think they are lighter than powered mixers.