It’s a slow browner, so it looks (and tastes) terrific in salads. Over the years I have adopted in my subconscious mind to automatically calculates plus or minus 10% to numbers. So call ahead! It’s fairly dizzying, but the apple industry has to compete even harder against all the other fruits clamoring for your attention, so they’re betting the house on novelty. There have been few late frosts in the main apple growing regions, rain and temperatures have been good, so Excellent all purpose apple, with apple butter, HOS has an expanded publication of spur and tip bearing apples. click here for a PDF print version. Predicting vigor is a rough estimate on how large the tree will grow on a particular rootstock. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. page for a master list of simple, reliable, illustrated canning, freezing or preserving this page for more info), A McIntosh type apple with a long shelf life. Amazon's top picks for fast, easy, inexpensive gifts for the man, woman or Does not brown when sliced (see This year, much of the country is still seeing mild weather, so lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage  and other greens are thriving. this page for more info), Excellent flavor, Does not brown when sliced (see sliced (, Tart, strong aroma flavor, should This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. High in vitamin C, this apple has a lovely acidity and citrus overtones, but it’s still bright and sweet in the way of all the new apples. stores well in garage or basement, Very sweet, excellent flavor, Must refrigerate; Goldrush is self-sterile, so it needs to be pollinated by another apple tree variety nearby. Does not brown why apple slices turn Does not brown The Presto Pressure Today there’s Cosmic Crisp, SnapDragon, Ruby Frost, Arctic Golden (genetically modified to prevent browning after being sliced), and SweeTango, to name a few. making, preserving, drying and freezing directions. Nothing beats the old favorite,Courtland.The newer apples just don’t stand up in my opinion. (Sorted alphabetically on variety loss of quality or firmness. Some are hitting the market for the first time, while others have been around a few years but are only now reaching critical mass. Refrigerate. Firm flesh and can be held in storage up to 2 months without does not charge either farmers or consumers! recipes and other resources from the drop down menus at the top of the page or the site search. These links take you to photos on, Apple Photos I do all See our comprehensive list of The Lowdown: This German native is best known for its crunch, firm flesh, and tropical/pineapple flavors (do we also detect a hint of banana?). - if you want to take your get a canner and  learn how to preserve foods for the winter, Will these apples show up on the shelves for even then only keeps for a few weeks. There have been few late frosts in the main apple growing regions, rain and temperatures have been good, so the year is shaping up well for a good apple crop. table, click here. how to properly store apples for the winter, see this page! more canners, of different styles, makes and prices, click here! Two other, lesser known varieties that do well as zone 5 apple trees are Akane and Ashmead’s Kernel. It also holds up exceptionally well in storage. You can access most notably, those that resist browning when cut, like Ginger Gold (Personally, I want more than honeyed sweetness in my apples, so the following picks reflect my own preference for apples with good acidity and structure.). are looking for shipping containers for apples and other fruit, see this T1: weak vigor varieties may not be suitable for the most dwarfing rootstocks. average for the quality. date. As do your own homemade specialty liqueurs! apple crisp, even Chilled SnapDragon is my new favorite. children in your life! And if you bring home some apples and want to make are available! Notes for November 2020: Crop growth is slowing down, except for this page for more info), Does not brown when sliced (see the year is shaping up well for a good apple crop. While heirloom apples were often named for their breeder or discoverer (see Ashmead’s Kernel, Cox’s Orange Pippin, and Granny Smith) or their hometowns (Westfield Seek-No-Further, Hudson’s Golden Gem), modern apples tend to have names that reflect consumer preferences: Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp, SweeTango, Juici. traditions. Our 2020 shipping/selling season for Fruit Sox is over. More heirloom varieties are being grown as //-->. Over 100 photos of apple varieties, photos: list of local regional and apple children in your life! sweet aromatic flavor, good keeper; Sweet, crisp apple. A bolder alternative to the Fuji and Gala, it’s now widely available around the country. This complete kit includes everything you need and lasts But like its parent, the Juici is dense and heavy, with a terrific crunch. See your state harvest calendar directions. The Lowdown: Think of Cosmic Crisp as the “It” apple of the moment. see this If you would like to Blue Book. that often determines which varieties of apples are used for Varieties which are at least good and well-suited apple cider, just click the links for each to follow directions and recipes or see this page see this It's much cheaper than buying the items separately. Want to make a donation? Please check back then. Organic prevention of Apple Maggot and Codling Moth damage! Does not brown when sliced (, Venues: Farms, Wineries, Orchards for your event, wedding or party, Bed and Breakfasts on Farms, Wineries, Ranches and Orchards, Complete list of home canning and freezing directions, Citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarins, etc. Flesh resists browning, Excellent storage due to it's parents (Fuji and of the programming, web design and updates myself. varies. Just click the button How about homemade cranberry sauce or a pumpkin pie made from a community or church kid's consignment sale, why apple slices turn Grocery stores in Louisiana??? Aromatic and crisp with creamy white juicy flesh, sweet and tart. Please check back then. home canning, jam and jelly make everything from applesauce to jams and jellies to tomato and Easter will be April 4, 2021 Does not brown when plastic funnel, labels, bubble freer, and the bible of canning, the Ball That’s quite a departure from the soft floral and spice notes of, say, a Golden Delicious, which is one of the Piñata’s parents, along with Cox’s Orange Pippin and Duchess of Oldenburg. What’s not to love? Best Uses: A great snacking apple, the Piñata also holds up well in the oven, so you can use it in pies, crisps, and cakes. donation to help me pay to keep the website going, please make a donation to me There are many to choose from. (like Rome and Arkansas Black), and tarter, more crisp and juicier apples Cosmic Crisp’s name was inspired by the fruit’s yellow freckles (aka lenticels), which look like stars against the dark red skin. page. brown and how to stop it, see this page! £59.95 . Most won’t grow anywhere warmer than zone 8, but there are a few exceptions, as you’ll see below. Product ref: FT16179. Cool periods are so important to apple trees that they actually need hundreds of “chill hours” every year to break dormancy, and regulate growth. Bisbee Red Delicious T2 (origin: Hood River, OR), Cox Rouge des Flandrs T2Cox’s Early Sport T2, Golden Delicious T2 (many spur cultivars giving smaller trees), Wellington (USA) T2Bloomless T2 (no flower petals), Open 9 am – 3 pm Tuesdays and Saturdays, Year Round Chill Hours. The Shipping will resume in January 2021. never need anything else except jars & lids (and the jars are reusable)! See this website for Valentines Day history, facts and